Experience & Technical Development

Over 30 years of experience allows E.G.G. Consult to offer its customers a service characterized by a personalized technical approach, which is supported by the continuous professional development and ongoing improvement of its elaboration methods and survey interpretation.

Our Professionalism

S.G.G. has the flexibility to compete in all types of projects and the wide experience in different technical fields ensures the quality of our work. This is complemented by the use of high-level equipment which provides a complete and quality service to our customers.

Our organization is made up of geologists who coordinate the technicians in the field – those that provide data collection, data interpretation as well as those that present our work.

Our solutions

Archeology and Structures Analysis

Advanced geophysical services for archeological research and structural analysis and verification

Natural Resources

Evaluation, planning and location of natural resources


Investigation, monitoring, evaluation of polluted sites to adequately characterize the subsoil, supporting the remediation design

Engineering Geology

S.G.G. is the ideal partner to plan, acquire and interpret geological data of your project


Geophysical surveys applied to Engineering, Environmental Characterization and Pollutants Localization, Natural Resources and Hydrogeology, Archeology and Structures Analysis

Photogrammetry, Topography and GIS

SGG is specialized in drones photogrammetry survey, photogrammetry, and remote sensing interpretation