Archeology and Structures Analysis

Advanced geophysical services for archeological research and structural analysis and verification

E.G.G. Consult has strong experience in geophysical investigations applied to archeology and structural verification, performing surveys with wide range of objectives using different types of methods: georadar, seismic, geoelectric, thermal resistivity surveys, sonic measurements, etc.



The georadar is the principal method used in archeology, to investigate the subsoil of historic sites. The principal objectives are locating of buried historic structures or the evaluation of the construction materials conservation: floors, walls, pillars, etc…

Furthermore, the georadar can be applied to define security procedures, to determine voids under floors or streets, in the way of planning a proper weight distribution, for example during restoration or maintenance works.

Structural Verification and Analysis

Geophysics is one of the most employed methods in verification, inspection, analysis of building, bridges, impermeable diaphragms, jet grouting, concrete, landfills, etc… Geophysical methods are reliable, faster, noninvasive and inexpensive.

S.G.G. has strong experience in employing various methods to structural verification:

  • Seismic (refraction P and S waves, cross-hole, TSP) that can be applied to verify the construction quality index, the proper construction of jet grouting or diaphragms, the rocks quality.
  • Geoelectric (2D and 3D), acquiring both resistivity and chargeability, used in verification of landfill or treatment plant sealing, construction quality index, the proper construction of earth-filled dams or diaphragms, monitoring of remediation efficacy, monitoring of the pollutants propagation, etc…
  • Georadar in analyzing the reinforcement of concrete, thickness and preservation status of the construction materials, networks mapping, locating of buried structures or voids, asphalt thickness and preservation status, etc…
  • Thermal resistivity in all type of power plant design.
  • Sonic to determine the quality of construction materials, pile testing, concrete testing, etc…
  • Ground vibrations monitoring in constructions sites.