Investigation, monitoring, evaluation of polluted sites to adequately characterize the subsoil, supporting the remediation design

Environmental Assessment

Working on the characterization of many polluted sites, S.G.G. gained the necessary experience in planning and acquiring investigations to define geology and contaminants propagation


Environmental Characterization and Pollutants Localization

Related with the environment, S.G.G. provides services both for contaminated sites and to design environment strategic sites, like landfills, sewage treatment plants, etc.. Working on the characterization of many environment related projects, we gained the necessary experience in planning and acquiring investigations in all stages of environment assessment: site characterization, site remediation, monitoring post-remediation, monitoring of sensible environment sites (landfill, treatment plants, etc.).

Environment Services

S.G.G. employs advanced methods, with a high specialization in geophysical methods, used to provide a wide range of services in the environment assessment:

  • Diagnostics and monitoring to recover contaminated sites
  • Geological and geophysical studies for the creation of landfill sites and its monitoring over time
  • Geological studies to evaluate environmental impact
  • Locating of polluting substances
  • Evaluation of geometry of contaminant plume
  • Structural verification of landfill sites for urban waste
  • Structural verification of impermeable diaphragms
  • Evaluation of volumes of solid waste in landfill site
  • Environmental monitoring

High-quality Geophysical Survey

Supported by a strong experience, we provide high-quality geophysical services, carried out with advanced acquisition instruments and software interpretation:

  • 2D and 3D high resolution geoelectrical tomography
  • Magnetometry
  • Electromagnetic survey
  • Georadar